How do I get Baptized?
We believe that baptism is not only a command of Christ, but also an amazing privilege. We have baptisms scheduled throughout the year during Sunday morning services. Take a moment to listen to Pastor Paul's message, "Understanding Baptism," below and email us if you are interested in learning more about baptism.

What should I wear?

We have those who dress to the nines, and those who come dressed ready to head to the beach after service. We believe your heart is more important than what you wear. So, come as you are!

What about my kids?

We strive to provide a clean, safe, and fun environment for your kids. All of our workers have been properly trained, and have clean background checks. We utilize a secure check-in/out system on Sunday mornings, which gives parents a unique number that can only be used by them to pick up their children, and can be used to notify them during the service if needed. For a full listing of our children's and student ministries, please visit our Ministries page.

Note to Parents:
Our Sunday a.m. services are geared towards adults and often tackle tough subjects and content. We request that you utilize our children's ministries for all kids under 14.

Do you serve coffee?
Absolutely! We offer coffee and sweet treats before and after both services. The donations from our cafe sales go towards the children we sponsor through World Vision, as well as various outreach opportunities throughout the year.

What kind of music do you play?
Our music is passionate, culturally relevant, and rooted in Scripture. It's more than just a performance, it's an expression of our worship, surrender, and adoration to our amazing God, and it inclines our hearts and minds to hear and respond to God's Word.

What's the pastor's teaching style?
Our Lead Teaching Pastor, Paul Rienzo, desires the Word of God to come alive to the God-doubter, God-seeker, and God-lover, and to do that, he often uses examples from media, art, pop culture, history, and science. Paul's style is honest, relevant, creative, at times gritty, and profoundly practical.

Note to Parents:
Because of the use of various creative media and the authentic nature of our services, we ask that you utilize our children's ministries for all children under 14.

What happens after the message?
After the message, we give the opportunity for all to respond and engage to the promptings of God. This time is called, Expressions of Worship. We offer communion for the believer, a cross to pin prayers and declarations to God to, and individual prayer with our Elders.

How do I become a member at Crosstowne?
We call church membership, Covenant Partnership. This is our way of expressing relationship and commitment to the community of believers at Crosstowne, and in our relationship with Christ. We offer a course through Growth Track, 201:Discovering Church, that will give you all the information you need to make Crosstowne your church. For details about Growth Track, visit our Growth Track page.

Do you have small groups?
Yes! We believe that community is vital to our faith journey. We offer a variety of Journey Small Groups for people to engage in, and grow deeper in their relationship with God and with others. Visit our Connect page for a full listing of our current small groups, and find out how you can get plugged in.

Can I get counseling at Crosstowne?
Our pastors do offer limited counseling for those within our church leadership and volunteers. For all others, we confidently refer those in need of counseling to Lowcountry Biblical Counseling Center.

If you have any additional questions, please email us at crosstownechurch@gmail.com.