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Christian Essentials
Meets: Thursdays @ 6:30PM
Location: Crosstowne Church
Leads: Ken & Linda Westfall
Child Care: Available
Description: Group for new Christians who have just begun their faith journey, or for seasoned Christians desiring to return to the essentials in order to strengthen their faith.

Meets: Mondays @ 7PM (Begins 9/17)
Location: Crosstowne Church
Ben Akery
Child Care:
4-week group for those desiring freedom from past hurts, current struggles and want victory through God the Father to permeate every area of their lives. Visit our Unbound Ministry page for more details.

Summerville Fellowship Group

Meets: Every Other Tuesday @ 7PM
Location: Home in Summerville
Leads: Dan & Kathy Pascazio
Child Care: Unavailable
Description: Group for anyone, at any age or phase of life, who desire community, fellowship, and thoughtful discussion.

Living Beyond Ourselves
Meets: Two Sundays/Month @ 6PM
Location: Home in West Ashley
Leads: Stokes & Leslie Gramling and Phil & Marilyn Cook
Child Care: Unavailable
Description: Group for anyone who would like to review and study the previous Sunday's message while focusing on fellowship, encouragement, prayer and spiritual growth.

Bible Quest
Meets: Sundays @ 5PM
Location: Crosstowne Church
Lead: Faraja Green
Child Care: Available
Description: Group designed to engage God's Word by in-depth study, one book of the Bible at a time.

Fireside Chats
Meets: 2nd & 4th Wednesdays @ 6:30PM
Location: Crosstowne Church
Lead: Merilee Perrine
Child Care: Available
Description: Group open to all who want to grow in their faith and learn how to be a catalyst for change in our current culture.